Hi there!
My name is Erol and I am very happy to welcome you.
In real life i’m a Chef working in a hotel and in my spare time i love to work with wood.

Well my hobby got a little out of the hand.

In my journey with learning handtools and making stuff for my own restaurant, i wanted to help people finding unique personalized gifts or maybe for own use. The wood i use is hardwood that you won’t find in regular hardware stores. Every creation i make is unique and made with elbow grease. 

Look around in our webshop, maybe you’ll find something for your loved ones or a piece that you can use. Feel free to contact me for personal creations or something i can engrave for you.

We offer no delivery, or online payment. Just visit our restaurant (Midpoint Gourmet Burgers) and inspect the peace you are interested in it.

Delivery on Pickup:

Midpoint Gourmet Burgers
Nederkouter 59 – 9000 Gent

Tel: 0488.82.14.15

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact me